It's a grievous sight,
The great poet has lost his spark and light,
Tears come in his old and pensive eyes,
He tries to remember his delightful touch of the glorious past,
But his sincere efforts prove futile,
As everything becomes hazy and obscure in front of his tired eyes,
It's an intolerable pain and frustration for him,
The wretched poet covers his face with old and feeble hands.


Comments (15)

This staggered me with its strength, its love, its principles- -this woman is so impactful.... this is the best poem I have read in months! I must read more of her poetry..
Wow. I wish that I had been given the honor of reading this poem earlier in my life. How beautifully and painfully she describes the unimaginable hardships of slavery. With such a simplicity and without feeling remorse for wanting out of that world, the author portrays her only wish.
One of the finest poem ever written! So, emotional and humbly demanding a right that's in the first place free for all.
Uncle Tom's Cabin set to verse. The emotional draw is rightly choreographed by the harshest ugliest aspects of slavery.
Burial! A place of rest. But, peace comes from the place of love. Nice work.
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