Bury Me With Chocolates

Bury me with chocolates,
The kind I love so well.
Send dark and bitter candy wreaths
With leaves of caramel.

Chocolate chip tears upon my cheeks,
White chocolate pillows filled with creams
To soothe me in my final sleep
And sweeten all my heavenly dreams.

Place one lone lovely chocolate rose
With petals curling in my hand.
Heap gold foil coins in random piles,
Egyptian-like, and oh so grand.

Please do not toast me with champagne,
A rich hot chocolate will do,
Laced with a touch of cinnamon
And then perhaps marshmallows too.

But if you plan a conflagration
To send me warmly to my rest,
Do not forget I’ve always loved
A sticky, hot fudge Sundae best.

by Raynette Eitel

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Comments (3)

With the memories of your sweet love. Chocolate! ! Thanks for sharing.
Delicious poem Raynette. I love chocolate. Your poem is cleverly constructed. Much enjoyed :)
Still like it. And she is sweeter yet. Read mine - We the Unencumbered - Adeline