Bury Me

I was always with you, always in your battered soul
I was there beside you, there to guide you through unknown
But as time fades I surely wan beneath the tempting light
Amidst the thrall, I heard your call echo through the night
I should’ve known that you would go to leave me in the dark
I want to cry but tears run dry when you’ve ate my heart
In every thought, I’d never fought a single word you said
All my day, I’m far away; play your speeches in my head
Throw me down beneath the ground, somber in my grave
I heard the pain of frigid rain upon destruction you would pave
I’ve suffered through another sleepless night among
The screaming self defeating pulsation of your tongue
This placid deep entombed in sleep, cooling from within
The time is near bury here, I wish to meet the end
Bury me the memory will stay within the earth
This shell of flesh now regress once again is dirt

by Newo Enec

Comments (1)

This is perhaps my favorite of your poems so far, it is certainly deep (no pun intended) , there are many things this poem could be speaking of, I'm not sure of your meaning, but I find the dark pitch of your poetic voice very appealing.