Bury My Dreams With Me

Put me to sleep in the quietness of dreams
where shadows of past caress my soul

Please don't wake me up again
I want to lay in the peace of my own sorrows

Cut all the strings that ever attached me to you
because the pain has taken away the joy of dying from me

Allow me to leave silently for
roaring within me are many storms calling your name

Place my death stone over a barren land
where no dreams shall dare to grow nor pains appear

Sew all sorrows in my shroud to be buried with me
and cover my lifeless body with pearls of broken dreams

Carry me like a queen's throne after the victory
where upon the crowds of my enemies pray for me

Set all the moments that we spent together on fire
for after I am gone, no one will water them

Pay debts to my soul's mate as
no end can define what he was to me

Shall I ask for the last wish to be true?
kiss me good bye and let me die in the arms of my executioner!

by Asma Khan

Comments (1)

Really, It's a nice poem. But I want to know which kinds of devils who can do this to you.