Bush Flies

In Summer when the sun is out the buzzing of bush flies in the air
And bush flies on your hands and your face and your hair
In rural south eastern Australia in Summer bush flies in huge numbers abound
In town parks and paddocks all day they are buzzing around
For people of south eastern Australia against bush flies no win
When you perspire they pester you for the salt in the pores of your skin
You may wave your hands from you to keep them away
But hovering near you they are determined to stay
Not near as dangerous as mosquitoes who in their stinging bites carry disease
Rural people from small bush flies in Summer know of little ease
In January and February in large numbers they multiply
And all day long they buzz in the sunlit sky
Bush flies on your exposed skin and in your hair, mouth and eyes
And insect repellent brings little comfort in the war with bush flies.

by Francis Duggan

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there is no place that i'll be found when the bush lies are around