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Business As Usual
( / Connecticut)

Business As Usual

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

A 'perceived' conflict of interest,
To restrict it to permit.
Is quite different than an interest,
That conflicts,
With those who know it shown...
For them there Will be,
Ultimately benefit to receive.

'One explanation is a 'perceived'...
And understandably suspicious.
Yet the other you have given,
Although breaks established laws...
Doesn't apparently bother you at all
Clearly that too is a conflict.
What is the difference? '

You see,
That which appears has potential,
To be beneficial to a few of us.
And that which is 'perceived',
Leaves us clueless...
As what we can expect to receive.

'But aren't you the creators,
Of the rules and laws? '

Of course.
But I'll be the first to admit,
When it comes to business...
There is no conflict,
Where my interest remains to stay.

'You mix politics,
With your own self-serving beliefs.'

Politics, business?
Religiously kept beliefs?
It's all business as usual.
What beliefs do you keep perceived,
You continue to disbelieve?
It's all about the business of it.
Those who've got.
Will never have not.

If I choose to break your laws,
I'm sent straight to prison.'

There you go.
Using that 'us' against them,
Tired message.
Use the 'race' card.
You will always get some empathy.

'I'm not into impropriety.'

That's the only thing left,
That works.

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