Busker Joe

He busks at the street corner every day
For an hour at least his guitar he does play
A musician song writer and a man of song
As he does play he always sings along.

On the sidewalk by him an open money tin
And those who choose to do so dropp a coin or two in
The sidewalk diners he does entertain
Though for his great talents little is his financial gain.

With brown beard and long brown hair he looks thirty years or so
The fellow that the locals refer to as Busker Joe
One of the friendliest people in the old seaside town
He smiles and nods in greeting as he does sing to people passing up and down.

Every day at the street corner he sings and plays guitar
Just to earn ten to twenty dollars for a few drinks at the public bar
A character in his own right though without wealth and fame
The town's best known entertainer Busker Joe is his nickname.

by Francis Duggan

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