(28th October 1971 / Glasgow, Scotland)

Advancement Of Aliens!

Dwarf like alien with goggle eyes
Looks like a strange creature ever;
Its big head gives the impression
That it's full of advanced knowledge!

That's why they could have built huge
Buildings and pyramids both on the ground
And under the ground, when we see tunnels,
Caves and cities of ancient civilization!

This gives the clue that surely they may
Be living in the dark side of Moon and
Also, under the red soil of Mars planet
Needing to be explored on Space voyage!

Our science and technology is a big boon;
But our advancement is nothing before aliens!

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Comments (2)

Laughing out loud Dave! I must equip myself with this immediately. You haven't copyrighted it have you? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Yes indeed another lovely write. You certainly know your characters well. Loved it immensely. Love Ernestine XXX