Bust A Nut In A Rut

Bust A Nut In A Rut
society is tripping
they got new sport suits for the latest trend
my mind is scrambling like ham in eggs
Bust a nut in a rut some time before
many are tripping out with a two bit whore
people are people so why should it be
you & I live together so awfully
I want to scream but I got hoop dreams

Comb over Trump is president but he hasn't made a dent
we got some screws loose in our brains
not having the television clicker in hand is driving me insane
it used to mean something to hold open a door
but that was so 1974 it don't exist anymore
we still got flower power but it takes place in the shower
we honor the dead with mixed messages in our head
these are desolate times
yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes
the casualties are enormous
for a stated cause that's atrocious
so I build this sanctuary in my mind & no I'm not blind
you really suck the nation is going to hell but
I still got a great story to tell
a winner is still another loser that falls but gets up & gives it one last try..
What is my last reply?
we all need to grow & shut the hell up!

by John Ackerman

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