VS (30 12 1975 / Trichy, South India)

Busy Bees

Folded hills
Forming massive backdrop
Fetching air
Fresh and pure
Feel of green
Far and near
Abundantly felt
Tiny hamlet
Full of houses
Box sized
Almost photo copies
Complimenting each other
So surprising
Sound of wooden blocks
Handloom mechanisms
Sweet and rhythmic
Filling everywhere
Handmade sarees
So intricately woven
A weaver's beauty
An effort of
Endless hardwork
Working all day along
Elampillai-A village near Salem
In the land of Tamils
An example of tireless workers
Much like Busy bees
Toiling night and day
Commitment in work
Accomplishment unquestionable
Making us feel proud!

by Vijay Sai

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