Busy Day

Plans for Today

Listen to the doves cooing
Have coffee on the patio
Solve the Mideast crisis
Devise ingenious scheme to make millions
from working out of my home
Stare into the fridge a while
Take a nap
Solve the oil shortage
Come up with that clever comeback, that I couldn’t
Come up with years ago
Study for world lit. exam
Take a nap
Try to remember what it was I forgot to do
Travel back in time a bit
Lament the fact that birds won’t let you pet them
Wonder why people act the way they do
Figure out how the Egyptians built the pyramids
Figure out why
Think about doing some vigorous exercise
Take a nap
Do some serious scratchin’ of a wide assortment of itches
Take a walk and think about jogging
Forget about jogging
Remember how to get back home
Take a nap
Rummage through the fridge
Eat a piece of cheese (after scraping off the blue and green mold)
Decide to vote for the independent candidate next election
Wonder where the heck the day went
Wonder why so many people are fat
Think about good food
Look in fridge again
Pet and praise the pup for poo-ing outside
Eat some sardines and crackers
Remember pleasant people, happy times and warm places
Annoy the parakeets by whistling back at them
Play some tennis (at least in my mind)
Nod off for a bit
Wonder why I have hundreds of channels… and nothing to watch
Escape reality in the comfort of a book
Make up lives for the people I watch at McDonalds and walmart
Push the future as far off into the future as I can
Spend some time feeling sorry for myself
Look in the fridge
Try to write something meaningful
Read it later… delet it
Write something trivial, post it…regret it
Look in the mirror and sigh
Go to bed and read for awhile
Then lie wide awake stare at the ceiling and worry
Make plans for tomorrow..
And sigh

by David Whalen

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