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Busy Worker Bees
( / Connecticut)

Busy Worker Bees

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

As if busy worker bees.
Assigned to follow instructions.
Done to do.
Until that task we leave.
Appeasing the queen.
Whether or not,
On the scene to be seen.

The taste of the honey.
Sustains to maintain its sameness.
Without protest to accept or hear.
About equality or the quality of it.
Or how a diversity,
Has been omitted to represent it best.

It's about the honey and the money.
And who gets it to receive.
To then identify its benefits.

This known to be shown,
Only by the queen.
Sitting in a position,
Not to tolerate or listen.
Hearing b.s. from lips to address.
It's all about the honey.
The money.
Nothing more to digest.
To permit it addressed.
And that's it.

It's about the honey.
The money.
To understand it.
Left understood.
Either to accept or leave.
The only decision,
Busy worker bees get.
And that's it.

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