(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


Busy bees are so busily busy
They fly around in a flittering tizzy
They flittingly flit from hour to hour
In their busy-ness flit from flower to flower

To the queens in their hives, they’re so bees-ily loyal
The queens of beehives are so bees-ily royal
Look high and low throughout all of nature
You’ll find not a thing more queen-like in stature

To those busybodies who try to inspect
The honeyed waxed homes of this busy insect
They better get busy to be sure they’ll be getting
Safety from stings by using bees netting

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Yeh and I am him. I liked it very much. Being a beekeeper I can see that you know what you are talking about. Well done and thanks. I tried one once and failed