AT (12/24 / Spfld, Ma)

But A Dream

Last night
As the hours passed
Between hidden hearts
And open dreams
You came to me

A mist veiled you
The stars illuminated you
The ocean brought you
To me
Your feet never touched
The sand

The moon
No where to be found
Shone from your eyes
I was entranced
As you whispered my name
And touched my skin

Were your fingertips
Velvet was your kiss
And dragons blood
Your scent

Will dreams
Be my only chance
To love you
Forever condemned
To marry the bed

I called your name
A thousand times
As your warm glow
Seduced my soul
The gentle crash
And flow

As the sun rose
Tears stained the pillow
As reality struck
You were just a dream

by Alejandro Torres

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