But At Least He Inspired Me

He said to me you are just a rhyming buff
A poetaster at best you write terrible stuff
Do yourself a favor by giving penning of doggerel away
Not everyone of me has nice things for to say
But to him i did make it obviously clear
That his sort of advice i did not wish to hear
Just one i do know who is lacking in ruth
But what caused hurt to my feelings to him was his truth
People like he is with their words are never discreet
He is one of those people i would rather not meet
His type before thinking always speak twice
And are arrogant and verbally hurtful and not very nice
Conversing with his sort just a waste of time
But at least he inspired me for to pen this rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (1)

He sounds like a troll. I like the way you face a challenge.