But Beautiful Little Goth Girl

Your mother has the looks of Mona Lisa
You live on an ordinary street
and you get busy when I try to catch your eye
and I wonder why you do not find me as much of a curiosity
as I find you.
The little house across from mine looks like its stuck in another time
The little girl I watched grow into a woman from a mysterious child
Is as much of a mystery now

Strange little Goth girl

If I bought the blackest car
If I smuggled down to you the brightest stars
Would you raise your voice because I am sure I have been listening to your thoughts
Would you offer me a smile because I imagine you to be lonely
The person you think you are may be the person I had always imagined you to be

But beautiful little Goth girl

Your mother has the looks of Mona Lisa
You watch the ordinary from your bedroom window without losing your stare
until you notice that you are being watched and I should dislike that scrutiny to

I wish I were with you

by Lindsay Crosby

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