(August 1969 / USA)

But For The Grace Of God....

But for the grace of God,
I would not be here this day.
I would not be here,
To face the mysteries we call today.

But for the grace of God,
I would not hear the laughter;
The laughter of my children-
My beautiful promise of a new tomorrow.

Because of God's dear grace,
I stand here before you now....
For in His love I was not consumed
In life's most bitter place;
And I've found growing within God's dear grace,
A hopeful flower which shall forever bloom.

by Lesa MRK

Comments (4)

I so know what you mean Lesa, I too have come far too close to death and only a miracle at the last second has saved me at least 3 times in my life so far. The feeling of shocked euphoria lasts about two weeks each time at least. I was attracted by your title, because in most instances, it applies to every human being on the planet. No one can predict the future, we just have to live in the now imo. Excellent poem and a very talented poet from my readings thus far, look forward to reading more. Tai
Lesa, this is a really wonderful poem with a beautiful ending and an inspiring message. Well done! ! Brian
A wonderfully expressed poem from the heart thankyou for sharing this Love duncan X
Great poem. I liked it a lot.