But I Am Strong

You have tried, God knows you have,
To destroy me
But my weapon is you...
And how little You know me

When you slept whose hand would gently brush your hair from your cheek?
And pull the blankets up a little higher to keep you warm?
Who knew that I wasn't your first or even your second love?
Daddy was first, and Squiggly toy was next
But I am strong..and brushed away that hair

When you were ill and in recovery,
whose voice was it, singing your favourite lullaby?
Stroking your tiny hand and reassuring you that all was well?
yet knowing that when you opened your eyes your first word would be
But I am strong... and kept humming that lullaby

When you cried because Daddy had gone to another love,
I made excuses for him, and would take you to see museum dinosaurs.
You were too young to understand what a weak and cruel man he was,
and I never told you of the beatings and humiliation- even now,
but I am strong..I am a T-Rex

You grew up believing me weak, believing me bitter.
You never knew all there was to know, only what I chose to share.
You believed you were never loved as a child, you were right-
but it wasnt me who didnt love you, but that is how you cope.
I won't shatter your belief that he was somehow wonderful and I was the wicked one,
but I am strong... and will keep loving you forever anyway.

by Lodigiana Poetess

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