But It's Your Baby Too

When we were makin love
nights of deep passion
takin time off work, you too,
leavin our friends behind
just to be with you, you with me,
when we were loving one another
holding hands,
giving deep passionate kisses
days turned into nights, and nights
turned into days,
passionate kisses,
holding hands,
our love making
turned into a baby
your baby, that i am carrying
yes, Our baby

Now you scared
remember, i am the same person
remember me
same woman
carrying your baby,
now you a different person,
you should be a man,
but you ask me
'Are you sure you pregnant,
'Are you sure it is my baby'
'are you sure we should keep it? '
What happened to our closeness,
our closeness
is our baby,
...our baby too
...our baby two
....our baby to

by Adrienne Clark Strachn

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