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But It Yours To Keep

The item I am about to give you,
Is your to keep.
You can play with it,
You can tease it,
You can be mad at it,
You can laugh at it,
You can be afraid of it,
You can cuddle with it,
You can talk to it,
You can walk with it,
And you can even love it,
But it yours to keep.

So when you are ready,
Just let me know.
It will be waiting for you,
I kept it tuck away,
So nobody can have it,
It has waited this long,
It can wait longer.
But it yours to keep.

When you have made up your mind,
You no longer need it.
And you are done with it,
Just make sure you give it back
In one Piece.
But It Is Yours To Keep.

My Heart.

(04-01-2009) EGR (c)

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this is nice..A pleasure to read