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I think of the whiteness of snow
on a postcard from an immigrant aunt.
How sweet, how pure
and unreal like props
in a high-school play.
The closest I have seen of it is
crushed ice on halo-halo.
Why do I end up speaking
of white things?
I feel blond -
bleached and painted over.
But this is how I speak:
misted over with a foreign flavor
but in essence a native blend
of brown and yellow.
I think of how you must have
shivered in the European snow,
words warm in your heart.
I wonder if you dreamt
in Spanish.
Perhaps we dreamt
the same dream,
our incandescent souls
glowing beneath
the translucent veils
of tongues-to-suit-our-needs.
We were born in a land
of two seasons, not four,
unused to and awed by
words like:
autumn, winter, spring.
I think of snow and
how it melts into a
gray-tinged slush,
how these words of ours
will melt with the heat
of what we really mean.
But I think we wear
our costumes well.
If it is cold
we have to put
our coats on
but it will always be
with our skins
that we feel.


by Justine Camacho Tajonera

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I really like this poem, it is true for most of us. I have tried to put how I felt and your poem has marked exactly what I would write. This poem is great.
This is real good. Right now I'm hating someone real bad for mostly the same reasons and now that I read it it helped me so much. Great poem.
I like this poem because i can relate to it keep up the good work.
This was a really good poem I just seen it out of all of them! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
i know what you mean...there was this guy i loved and still do but yet i want to hate him for hurting me but i cant...good poem...
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