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But Myself

I might not do any better
But I wont do any worst
I will never die without love
But I will die because of thirst
I will never stop looking for answers
And that road I will always search
I know that I will never be last
And before many I have been first.
I will never be a rich man
And I swear to you I will never be poor
I will never start a fight with any man
But I am not afraid to enter into a war
I will never ask for sympathy or money
But also on no one will I shut my door
I might date many different women
But I will never make woman a whore.
I might one day might have nothing
But then I will always have my pride
I will always rather joke and laugh
Never will I cause anyone to cry
I am not afraid to ever walk alone
Or I don’t care who walks at my side
I might tell many different stories
But no story I tell will ever be a lie.
I will never asked for handouts
As what I have I have earned
I might not be the smartest man around
But from life many lessons I have learned
I might not worry about our world today
But of peoples life I am concerned
I might not go to church as I should
But I know that I will never burn.
I do not care to walk alone
And I don’t care to be with anyone else
I don’t care if you have no money at all
And I don’t care to hear of your wealth
I might not be there when no one is near
But I will be there if you need my help
I am not afraid or ashamed to look in any mirror
As always I will be no-one, but myself

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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