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But Not Me
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But Not Me

You want me to love you,
Like you want me
To love you,
But you don't want me.

You want me to care,
Like you want me
To care,
But you don't want me.

You understand everything,
That you want
To understand,
But not me.

You talk to your family,
You talk to your friends, talk
To everyone,
But not to me.

You want what you want,
Love what you want,
And love just the same,
But you don't love me.

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Comments (3)

Funny How Love Want and desire or plain lust often get used as one. Maybe a good idea for a poem >>>> Hugs Jan
Thanks Michael, that line had a mis-print. I fixed it, thanks! :)
Well expressed about the situation, I felt. But the second line of the last verse threw me?