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But One Gospel

If I had
but one gospel to leave you,
my dear ones, my daughters, o my beautiful ones,
it would not be the morals of shame sin or religion
for I've found no equality in sexism
and no voice when I've held my tongue.

No, I'd leave you with a textbook
with knowledge, pride, honor, strength
until you'll have courage to love your bodies
and the wisdom to respect your minds.

And should I have
but one gospel to preach to you
my dear ones, my children, o my proud noble sons,
it should not be the lessons of violence war or religion
when I have found no peace in fighting
no martyrdom in the trigger of a gun.

No, I shall leave you a textbook
with knowledge, thought, love, and sense
until you have respect for those who are different
and the confidence to know when you're wrong.

And should I not see this paradise
o my children, my garden, my prides and my loves,
when my daughters feel no bruises
and my sons know no wounds
then know that my soul sings to see this dearth of hunger
this surfeit of freedom and this excess of love
For here you may find grace in clean water,
and faith in the existence
of an ever-merciful God.

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