So Tired My Dear

I am so tired my dear
and want you to come lay down
so cozied up right beside me.
From the meds I am on I'm so very tired
and I want you so much on this very night,
to just hold so very close as we sweetly kiss
and then tell you I love you
as you rest your sweet head upon my chest.
I am so tired my dear and want to sleep with you
all curled up in peace,
please come join me my sweet love
to smile and snuggle while we listen
to a podcast or sweet and soft music.
I am so tired my dear and just want to hold you
feeling your soft touch so needed with the
softest and most ever loving kisses.

by Michael P. McParland

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alrigt poem dajurioperw cool beas #wonder
what type of poem/genre is this poem?
wow it is the only one i like, cool i like it #I LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! ! !
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
would love to have more of this write..but a touch of outer space is better than nothing.. :)