But Still I Am Alone

Where is my sun,
Where is my awaited dawn,
The hundred eyes of the dark wink overhead,
I can hear the footsteps of desire in my doorway,
Sweet and soft.

Come to reality, people say,
but what is real,
This is,
this is the real me, the passionate me,
With all these fantasies,
None can take them away from me,
For they are mine,
I am the womb which carried them,
I am the milk which nourished them,
And nothing can lessen this light,
Not a thousand candles of reality,
'cause he is the sun,
the sun who sparks my feminine fire,
my light, my life...

But I lie here all alone, dreaming,
Under the endless black,
And inside me, in my veins and flesh,
He sleeps in silence,
He throbs in tone...

Thus the world comes to an end,
Curious comets stay to see,
Time go lame,
And we go back our memories,
To the days of creation,
When she was gifted to him,
And it was discovered,
Something legendary,
Stronger than the storms,
Magnificient, the reason,
the earthly magic,
And it was love,
love, love and love...

But still I find,
I lie here all alone,
With my song,
'I sleep in love, I breathe in love,
I am in love, I am love...'

by Lady Love

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A sublime start with a nice poem, Lady Love. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.