JC (1989 / Arkansas)

But Still I Carry On

To the brim im overflowing
Time itsself is never slowing
I try to strugle through the depths
But all is over come by death
But Still I Carry On

People ask how i am
But never who i am
You look at me and see
Something you yourself never wanted to be
But Still I carry on

Though myself I am wearing thin
Nothing but the shadow of a man
A shadow that is fading fast
A human who is falling fast
But Still I carry on

For Something that use to stand tall
A person strong as any wall
Someone who was there to lean on
You forget and time carries on
But Still I carry on

Did you ever think
That person will be gone in a blink
Who will you lean on now
Because he is gone to the dark now
But Still I Carry On

How many times did i hold out my hand
Carried you through times bloody band
But no You forget all of what you had
And all about that person who you thought was glad
But still I Carry On

To end We are now Coming
Death is over hanging
You forgot and now im lost
It matters not to you the cost
But still I carry on

One Day everyone will look
And read you like an open book
For the Shadow is gone on
For ever lost, gone
But never more will i carry on

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