(03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

At An Old Drawer

Before this scarf was faded,
What hours of mirth it knew;
How gayly it paraded
From smiling eyes to view.
The days were tinged with glory,
The nights too quickly sped,
And life was like a story
Where all the people wed.

Before this rosebud wilted,
How passionately sweet
The wild waltz smelled and lilted
In time for flying feet;
How loud the bassoons muttered,
The horns grew madly shrill,
And oh! the vows lips uttered
That hearts could not fulfill.

Before this fan was broken,
Behind its lace and pearl
What whispered words were spoken,
What hearts were in a whirl;
What homesteads were selected
In Fancy's realm of Spain,
What castles were erected
Without a room for pain.

When this odd glove was mated,
How thrilling seemed the play;
Maybe our hearts are sated--
We tire so soon to-day.
O, thrust away these treasures,
They speak the dreary truth;
We have outgrown the pleasures
And keen delights of youth.

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Comments (9)

but then I met you and the world changed....A happy change let it be a lasting change. A well penned poem.
Finding a perfect partner could well be a compensation for all the past heart breaks and sufferings. Here, we find an intense expression of feelings reflecting upheavals in life. Thank you very much, GS.
Love can truly turn life round. Nice thought
''and true love enchanted me and I knew how deep love could really be. '' what can be more wonderful than this...to find true love...well written poem..10+++
Life is so mysterious. Nobody really knows what's in store for us in the future, but you're blessed, that's how I saw in this poem. nice! : -)
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