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But To Wish The Butterfly And Its Flower, A Happy Bright Future

But To Wish The Butterfly And Its Flower, A Happy Bright Future

Poem By Bashyam Narayanan

She was moving around like a butterfly
Our home plenty of joy always in supply
Gracious her looks and no creams did she apply
All natural, we thought it’s all a permanent ply

Her presence gave us all warmth and love
Our worries disappearing at the very sight of this dove
Never once she failed to get us that oil of clove
To help us all the teething problems solve

Her voice so sweet, save we have sugar
Her manners so gentle, save we have feather
Her touch so soothing, save we have softened leather
Her mood so enthusing, we were all in liquor

From where came the world wide connection
It connected the universe but our home in dissection
She got trapped in the web of ether borne words of affection
We had no clue of happenings through computer projection

She fell in love with a guy at last
Who took away her heart and she lost
All the reasoning and wisdom blown in blast
She surrendered to her love, which she says, is vast

We did not know her whereabouts for days fourteen
None of her friends told us and came out clean
To make us know what happened in between
At the end found out, after a search on web-site screen

She said she is now happily married and threaded
To a guy whom she came across in a studded
Website, and she claimed he is a great guy, and added
No one to be saddened as to no vice he is wedded

We cannot say a word at this juncture
As the butterfly flew off from us, striving to nurture
To a flower, of course with nectar, but of unknown nature
But to wish the butterfly and its flower, a happy bright future

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beautiful poem butterfly, flower ..nice