But What Does Juliet Think?

Poem By Meredith Fahey

Romeo- I would die for you.
Fingers tangled in tawny hair
Reflecting the morning sun
His head is heavy on my breast
I want to stay like this forever
How can you take him from me?

Romeo- I would die for you.
He has shown me the world
And we have never left this room.
Oh Verona, how could you betray us?
Sweet city, torn asunder
Brothers, mothers, fathers, lovers

Romeo- I would die for you.
Passion has ebbed
Leaving only fear in its wake
Still he is beautiful, sleeping, dreaming
Ravaged by the forgotten blood lust
That is the heart of my torment

Romeo- I would die for you.
He awakens
And my soul takes flight
Phaeton- challenging the rise of the sun
Not yet, it is too soon
I need more time

Romeo- I would die for you.
I feel it, death in the last
Of his kisses
One night to know each other
An eternity to be apart
Kill me now.

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