But Why? ?

Poem By sakshi mathur

people beg on street
people damage public property
people are insecure
people r jealous
people r foolish
people r ill-treated
people quarrel with eachother
people cry
people die
people r tortured
people r murdered
people r tense
people r disloyal

the reason? ? ? MONEY
money makes things happen
but why........

Comments about But Why? ?

This poem is very interesting. I like it. It's very deep. I'm going t use this poem for a school project if you don't mind. I think that my classmates will like it too. Good writing.
It is the muscle power and the money power that always rule this world-to say in short, might is right. Even during the days of Ramayana or Mahabharat or Bible, people were killing each other and God had to descend or send His messenger to this earth to do justice. May be in this era it may be in the highest order. God alone can set this right now. A good writing.

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