But Why

Few things in life
you wish at midnight
Morning it disappears
like the mist in sunlight

by Rini Shibu Click to read full poem

Comments about But Why

Me Poet Yeps Poet 12 Sep 2018 08:08
yes and we all do when you fly above and don't now come to encourage lonesome poets poor like poet me once you knew now you also fly high above the blue sky.....How does a silent beautiful flower speak apart from PH OBJECTS more than 300 words here so do come to myy age if you wish to do so
Edmund Strolis 07 Sep 2018 10:56
The saying goes that life is what happens when we are busy making plans. We temper ourselves and become distrustful of patience. Surely to turn just one more page an answer or an expectation will be found or met and yet like the mist and the rainbow they seem to be illusions, doubt darkens the colors but we always retain hope like a gold coin tightly held. The feeling reminding us that we have something special to give.
Kostas Lagos 07 Sep 2018 08:15
Lovely poem Rini. Loved its melancholy
Bernard F. Asuncion 07 Sep 2018 01:22
Rini, such an excellent poem.......................
Lamar Cole 07 Sep 2018 12:01
This is a very good and thought provoking poem.
Kumarmani Mahakul 06 Sep 2018 08:20
Few wishes those come at night disappear at morning time. Such act is amazing and confusion. A brilliant poem is shared.10
Carl Roussell 06 Sep 2018 08:18
Very good writing, a 10.
Unnikrishnan E S 06 Sep 2018 08:15
Wow! Lovely poem...dreamscapes disappear...but life ebbs and flows..