But Why

Poem By Nicholas Oifoh

I’ve given my heart and soul away
So it can be broken into small remains
You left me with strong feelings of disgust and betrayal
Now day-by-day I slowly wake up…
In a deep hole of bitterness and despair
Your absence eats away at my throbbing heart
As I try to endure the pain and anguish inside of me
Days go by and my feelings leave me here confused
I lay dazed, blank in the Abyss that I somewhat created

You simply have diminished my love for anyone
And tears fall down substantially off my arid cheeks
I need to escape this depression that I am in
Because your separation from has left me lifeless
I need…I need, you back
I want us to be together
To finally rid my self of this agony
I want you to fall slowly into my arms
While the breeze comforts us with a gentle movement
Let my lips touch your lips one more time
But sadly to say, you’ll never come back
And I ask my self why? …..But Why?

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