But Why

I’ve given my heart and soul away
So it can be broken into small remains
You left me with strong feelings of disgust and betrayal
Now day-by-day I slowly wake up…
In a deep hole of bitterness and despair
Your absence eats away at my throbbing heart
As I try to endure the pain and anguish inside of me
Days go by and my feelings leave me here confused
I lay dazed, blank in the Abyss that I somewhat created

You simply have diminished my love for anyone
And tears fall down substantially off my arid cheeks
I need to escape this depression that I am in
Because your separation from has left me lifeless
I need…I need, you back
I want us to be together
To finally rid my self of this agony
I want you to fall slowly into my arms
While the breeze comforts us with a gentle movement
Let my lips touch your lips one more time
But sadly to say, you’ll never come back
And I ask my self why? …..But Why?

by Nicholas Oifoh

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