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But You Do.

all it took was for you
to break the ice
and I fell through the cracks
and I felt the ice
invade my lungs
and I could feel my breath
being stole from my body
or maybe that was my soul
and I held your hand
because you made this all make sense
and you made it all worth it
I didn’t want to believe
you meant anything to me
but there’s just no denying it
when you’re everything to me
and I don’t even know
if this is all real
because I sleep to you letting go
and awake to you holding on
and sometimes, I’m scared
that my dreams will seep out
through my eyelids
and become reality
so I hold my breath
and I hang on and try not to fall
anymore into the water
but I’m halfway numb
and it’s a quarter past time
to give up
and give in
to you and all you promise.
as a gust of air
comes through to cracks
& makes air pockets.
when I think you care.
and it’s all I need
cause you’re all I need.
and I still don’t want to think
you mean anything at all
at all.
to me.

but you do.

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