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But You Don'T Know
(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

But You Don'T Know

Poem By Michael Fischer

You put on your armor
and lower your visor;
But you don’t know
what you’re preparing for.

You put up your shield
and draw your sword;
But you don’t know
what you’re fighting for.
The sky’s overcast
with sinister war clouds;
But you don’t know
what the war’s about.

Those killed by your hand
lie dead in their bloodbaths;
But you don’t know
there’s no second chance.
You take every order
from your commander;
But you don’t know
he's the saboteur.

The resistance submits,
the takeover’s complete;
But you don’t know
how the other half sleeps.

Blankness sets in,
you’ve hit rock bottom.
And now you know
what you’ve become.

(March 24,2007)

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Comments (2)

I really enjoy this poem. It works at representing many things and one thing all at the same time.
nice twist at the end. Also, we all know there's no second chance, but i guess it wouldn't occur to anyone quite the way it would right after they killed someone.