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But, You Have Talent...

They said to me,
"I disagree with what you're saying,
But you have talent."
No, no, it was more like…
"You're a horrible person,
Who shouldn't be allowed to make metaphors and similes speak your mind,
But….. Eh….. you have talent."
When a female uses a controversial point as a comparison,
It's feminism,
But when a female uses a controversial point,
In which females are seen as the victims,
It's degrading.
Why must it be that one can parade their gender,
But as soon as they compare it to a problem which universal,
It's a crime.
And all that's said is;
You're wrong,
But you have talent.
Then the words are removed.
Society is broken and battered,
And nothing can be said about it,
Because as soon as two different problems are compared,
Feelings are hurt and the message is erased.
I write for a purpose,
Why must I write in pencil which others may erase?
I wish to turn my words into ink,
Permanently marking the page they are on,
And for them not to be brushed away at the mere sight of disagreement,
But hey,
At least I have talent.

By: Bethany Maxwell
March 15,2013

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