SS (24 12 43 / woolwich london)

Breeze Of Love

A heavenly feel that rapid
A shush that benevolent
Bow all on its way
Like the marvel apparent

Rhythm that bop all on its way
Tamp the warmth of liveliness
That holds all as its grace
All embrace the snap with full heart

Pass the land as to reach heights
Adore all by that time
Like the glimpse of his side
Shift to the land of liveliness

Love breeze in life some times
Wonder in its charm and bow that side
Its charm relish the life as a whole
But it's volatile as a breeze! ! ! !

©2014 SALINI.S.NAIR. All rights reserved


Comments (5)

Chuckle, chuckle. You improve with each poem and I just love the stories you come out with. A true cockney girl for sure. You really should have a go at doing one in rhyming slang. I reckon you would pull it off beautifully. Love ya Gyp's
that is one complete poem! dint forget the bird flu
Nicely done Sylvia! ! I love the ending! ! Hugs, Dee
It sounds like you would be living dangerously if you bought meat from Butcher Bill! A very amusing write. Three cheers for you, Sylvia. Love, Sandra
A perfect poem to put you off meat for life...LOL! This was such fun Sylvia Thankyou for sharing it Love duncan x