LB (31 may 1991 / empangeni, south africa)


we kill all the
then complain when
there are no

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that's a cruel truth! the way you show it is interesting... i love butterflies and for that i respect the caterpillars too...
Londiwe, Seriously, what you've written is beautiful, and I'd like you to add another stanza or two to make it more meaningful. Of course, you can do it. And then, let me know. OK? Cheers. Subroto
You don't write about the butterflies that's so beautiful And I can't see a relation between the writer and the butterflies but still it's good even it don't look like a poem, ^_^
Made me think of polluted water. We pollute it and wonder why people die from drinking the water. ACID-RAIN
I agree with Lindsey, but there's a lot of wisdom in the statement!
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