(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)


Butterflies from large Purple Emperor

to The little Brown Vaporer,

The Blue Mountain Tail,

is gifted with wings of trait.

The small Tortoise Shell,

bear wings designed very well.

The beautiful Orange Tip,

have wings shaped like Tulip.

The pale colored Brimstone,

posses unique beauty of its own.

The little Wood White

is as tender as Snow White.

The amazing Marpho Menelaus,

is simply marvelous.

when these creatures fly

they spread colors in the sky.

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It just perfect start for poem just like Sachin and Sewag give a scintillating start, my fellow poet did the same. Thanks to sachin, thanks to Sewag, moreover thanks to the poet. 'when these creatures fly they spread colors in the sky.' A perfect ending to the poem. I like the way poem carried the thoughts on animal beings. Only a true transparent heat can see it. One can't see even if they wear telescopes. When we see these things of nature, we feel trivial but if just sink in the think then we can comprehend how the universe is made beautiful. Yikes! Again I pat the poet and give her a hat for her universal theme.
Such a beautiful poem...love the sound of your poetic voice... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing
beauty my sister, beauty