His Karma

After she had gone away.
He prayed to the Lord to help him make it through another day.
He never appreciated what he had.
He always treated her so bad.
Nowadays, he would just sit around and weep.
This was his karma for being a creep.

by Lamar Cole

Comments (6)

Seven years after, can you write again and become a friend? From Athens, early winter morning in February.
truly wonderful, all of your poems, especially enchanted I felt reading this message of a beautiful butterfly here...
Very beautiful, poignant write. Butterflies may be fragile, but they have their day..As you do, Ivy. Warm regards, Sandra
Wonderful way of describing how it hurts to fall from grace with anyone. I think we are too hard on ourselves when we feel 'burnt'. Lovely poem.
'like an angel dismissed from heaven' thats my favorite part. you're good at describing emotions. ;)
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