CVR (03-03-1954 / chembra)

Butterflies Are Pretty Creatures

butterflies are pretty creatures: *

it's not because they are stolen
by the big business people
to take them stuffed into the glass cases
that spruce up the guests rooms;

it's not because
they are the things of beauty
in frightening silence
when we are moody;

it's not because
they flirt with flowers bloomed
for we people
who are entitled to steal their show
with our own selfish egos;

it's not because
they come in silence
with rhythms in their wings
to harmonize the melodies of nature;
with clubbed antennae
to feel we the foes, in vain;

and at length, it's because
when the flowers doom,
at the onset of dusk,
to creep into the darkness
where the silky moths appear
with stout body,
when we let the lamps illuminate,
to make us aware that
we are moth eaten, old and timeworn;
they say: 'you people are sadists.'
the very message from papilion**
in the sunshine who are impatient
to be in the same flower for long;

but because they keep up
the greeneries around us;
make us fall
into a spellbound blindness
to curtly cut away
all the charms of nature.
it's for we are killers;
it's for we are killers.

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