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Butterfly Kisses
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Butterfly Kisses

Poem By nisha dyrene

When a soft breeze
blows gently across my skin
I think of you
and remember

butterfly kisses on the beach…

That brief season of love.
Of night-long phone calls,
talking about nothing
and everything,
when you were my morning
and my night
and everything in between.

We played our silly word games
With their made up rules
that you tried to cheat at
and usually won.

We were young and naïve
…and so much in love

We raced through our city
made up of meeting places and secret spots,
buying ice cream and stealing kisses,
oblivious to everyone else,
as only lovers can be.

We laughed and fought and cried
and acted like we didn’t care.

Back then everything mattered
who was right and who was wrong…

Looking back now
It seems a sad waste
of the only time
we ever had.

Now things have changed.
Time’s marched forward,
and life goes on.
You live in your world.
And I live in mine.

But there are some things
I can still remember…

like the feel of your hand
as it held on to mine,
and the way your mouth
used to look
just after we kissed.

And there are some things
I will never forget…

like the look in your eyes
when you said you loved me.

and butterfly kisses on the beach…

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~Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.~~
...absolutely agree with Doc, this is a delightful reminisce