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Butterfly's Dream
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Butterfly's Dream

I'm having a butterfly's dream
Sealed off from the real world
Shielded from the storm
Yet I feel at home
Having a butterfly's dream
I'm having a butterfly's dream
Looking out, the world looking in
Imprisoned by nature, all alone
Yet I feel at home
Having my butterfly's dream
I can see the pretty colors come and go
The sun is shining, the moon a glow
I want all that to be a part of me
I want my dreaming to become a reality
I want to feel the fresh ocean breeze
I want to rest on flowers, rest on trees
I want to be part of the world that everybody sees
I feel the light flashing in
The air fills my cocoon all too soon
My wings search to spread towards the sun
And lift me to my new home-All alone
On my own to face the storm
I should have known
A dream is nothing but a dream

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