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Butterfly, The Creature Of Change And Survival
AS ( / London, UK)

Butterfly, The Creature Of Change And Survival

I grow,
I struggle,
I am not nurtured,
Nor cared for,
I learn the harsh lessons,
Of Life,

Satisfied in my growth,
Having learnt my lessons,
I gain maturity,
I am ready,
For change.

I build walls,
Around myself,
To protect,
This change,
For change I must.

I hang,
Waiting patiently,
Change must occur,
For what else is left?

I push now,
I am impatient,
I have waited,
Long enough,
It is time.
I’ll show this world,
That I can survive.

One side of me,
Is exposed to the world,
Then another,
Slowly at first,
For I do not wish to shock,
Only to dazzle.

Released am I,
Free to show myself,
In all my glory,
In all my splendor.

For I have changed,
I am now,
Who I’m meant to be,
I am finally me.

So, fear not change,
It comes naturally,
Be brave,
Learn well,
And when,
The time comes,
Be free.

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i found this poem in PH's list of poems with the 'topic' butterfly. i plan to use it in my February 2019 showcase of poems to be found shortly in my list of PH poems. and to MyPoemList. 2006: a long time ago. i hope you have not been picked out of the air by a bird! Thanks. bri (:
This spoke to me thank you for creating such an impactful poem
Beautifully written with well chosen details creating an atmosphere
It was great and well done Regards
Aisha, a brilliant example of how change can be a glorious thing. Great poem... very inspiring! ! Brian
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