The Dreams Of My Heart"

The dreams of my heart and my mind pass,
Nothing stays with me long,
But I have had from a child
The deep solace of song;

If that should ever leave me,
Let me find death and stay
With things whose tunes are played out and forgotten
Like the rain of yesterday.

by Sara Teasdale

Comments (9)

This spoke to me thank you for creating such an impactful poem
Beautifully written with well chosen details creating an atmosphere
It was great and well done Regards
Aisha, a brilliant example of how change can be a glorious thing. Great poem... very inspiring! ! Brian
I have always been fascinated by butterflies.Their beauty is fragile and may exist only for a day, but what joy they give to the soul while they are living..We are told there is a time for everything. I am glad there is a time for butterflies.Wonderful poem. Warm regards, Sandra
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