Though winged
I am caged
I flutter my wings
As if to fly
They get hurt by the ironrailings

The milked rice
And the good nuts
That I am served
Do not satisfy
As I dream
Of the open sky
Where I do belong.

You ask me
Oh Parrot! How are you?
You see my bright green feathers
And my beautiful red beak
I answer in my clatter
Which you can not understand
I belong to rich and so live in lavish

On some careless day
My owner may
Keep the cage open
I may get a chance to fly
But my wings
that have forgotten
the art of flying
may fall a prey
to some vultures
My good owner and his neighbors
Will curse me,
O.K, O.K
Let that ungratefulbird
Meet a graceless end.

by Bharati Nayak

Comments (11)

excellent, wandering with you midst the harmony and disharmony of nature, musical and sonorous tones that would join with Frost
Felt I was right there with you, thanks to the imagery and detail and I chose to stay with you. Nature is full of wonder - worth the wandering. I like the fact that you used a book as a source. I like to do that.
I enjoyed this write. In every time there is a season. Some seasons bring not so good and others more beauty.....I liked your ending. Take care.
I like the language in this poem and the theme of a delicate transformation hence the title 'Butterfly', which I love in irony to fact that the language in this poem is so heavy. Beautiful =D ~x~Sarah~x~
Slendid rite Sir! I can only assume such beauty yet you have painted the perfect picture......
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