Poem Hunter
BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)


I travel looking back on favorite memories,
And often see your eyes there looking back at me.
It wasn’t long ago when you were small enough
To lay upon my chest to drift and dream.

Petal soft and smiling in your innocence,
I listened to your heart next to my own.
The peace I felt was heaven sent, and to my life,
Your spirit was the piece that made mine whole.

You grew and learned to run, yet still turned back to me,
Seeking firm foundation in my face.
Reflected smiles of warmth were seen, and off you flew,
Days passed by existing there in grace.

Remember when you went to school to take control,
And all the world was there at your command?
Fearless in your confidence you traveled paths
And navigated dunes of shifting sand.

Step by step, as sentinel, I stood aside,
And as you soared I helped you take to wing.
All the smiles and grins, and rumbled laughs I’d hear
Were answers, the fulfillment of my dreams.

Sitting here I’m saturated by your pain,
Unable to relieve you from torment.
And lifting my eyes heavenward am comforted,
By the power of your memories heaven sent.

Believing in the power of faith, I know that you
Will soon return to me, and be made new.
The purpose for your suffering I don’t yet see,
But with my soul I know we’ll make it thru.

You’re not alone at any time, for he sustains
With living water, washing tenderly,
Inundating waterfalls of gentleness
Sustenance is offered for belief.

**excerpt from 'Living in Chaos Survival: A Parenting Journey...' **Published through LuluPress 2004

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