Buyer Beware

Very near my home
is a grocery store
They have groceries there
and yeah, a bit more
Just around the corner
there’s a gasoline station
Gas is sold there
Quite an innovation.

Jim’s Auto Parts is
just down the street
You can get a new bumper
and I guess a back seat
There’s a bakery next
with strudels and pies
donuts and cakes
most any size.

Now I’m gonna make a point
though I’m rambling a bit
But it does bother me
it’s petty I’ll admit
If someone could maybe
explain to me please
Why, at a flea market
you can’t buy fleas.

They have no-name luggage
tennis shoes that squeak
Monogrammed underwear
for each day of the week
A guy who’ll make a T-shirt
say anything you want
Some camouflage pants
to wear when you hunt.

An entire store of Zebco
if you enjoy fishin’
Solar powered calculators
to help with long division
Artificial flowers
like for a cemetery
Velvet pictures of Elvis,
Jesus and The Virgin Mary.

But then I started to think
they’re not alone
We have a phone company
where you can’t buy a phone
Yeah, I’ve been to a beauty shop
but I’m not so sure…
I look pretty much the same
just a different coiffure.

In the mall there’s a place
called Babies R’ Us
But when I asked for a boy
it caused quite a fuss
So maybe it’s just me
a personal nightmare
Just a little advice…
Let the buyer beware.

by maggie signaigo

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this was good..and so funny..ty