Buyer's Remorse

Buyer beware.
What you see,
Isn't what you always get.
That has been known.
But not always shown to reflect.
If we can only get you to listen,
And compare that to the rotten apples
You've been sold decade after decade...
There 'might' be some progress,
Instead of buyer's remorse...
You've been too comfortable to accept.
To later express regret!
With medical prescriptions,
Sought that are the best.
How does one get rid of an addiction,
To receiving disappointment...
That does not cure these afflictions?
How does that happen?
A change in routine...
That creates a different more meaningful scene.
That hasn't been figured out yet!
Since being duped,
Is what most look forward to get!
But an awakening 'has' to come.
That's the only thing that hasn't been done,
By some!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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