Buying A Car

I wanted a car when I wearied of walking.
With savings in hand, I left home to peruse.
The dealer was helpful, bright-eyed and fast-talking.
He offered two models from which I could choose.

by Diane Hine Click to read full poem

Comments (17)

Good poem. I like the feel and speed of it. Very entertaining.
what car tho! ? ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ? !
just about to get one myself. thanks for the tips
A creative poem my friend!
absolutely brilliant! Great scene rhythm and rhyme
Absolutely love this poem!
sounds like the carburettor, at least that was what brung mine down just before the first red light in town
nice write with a lot of humor good job Diane
enjoyed every line! and a nice test drive ha! ! ! ! ! :) cool....!
This is soooo good, Diane, and what fun to read! !
Sounds like quite and adventure - in both ways. Like my brothers always tell me: 'Whatever works.' And I hope that this one works for you for quite some time. Happy venturing. Great poem, well written.
A great funny bumpy ride Diane
A great poem. Those that venture beyond the town limits and engage in an adventure with mishaps and resilience to repair and progress while others safe within town limits are safe but unchallenged. So often the takers of risks without perfect preparation are amply rewarded by the riches of experience a great allegorical piece and the people we meet that apocryphally may inadvertent inspire us or direct our course, perhaps a metaphor for retirement or altered direction. Well done and good luck with your continuing journey.
Enjoy your drive with your new car, Diane. an interesting story!
Great story Diane, hope you have many happy journeys in your new car jalopie! !
I wish you a wonderful expedition in your car with no serious hitches to satisfy your wander lust! A very interesting read! !
A fantastic write, hope you and your car have a happy long wandering life together.