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Buying On Ebay

Buying On Ebay


I bid on a beautiful ring
With a very hefty price tag
But got outbid on this thing
So I bid on a Prada hand-bag

Someone had got to it first
And offered a lot of big bucks
So I bid on a Damien Hirst
And again ran out of luck

Everything I wanted to buy
Was snapped up under my nose
So I then decided to try
Bidding on some grotty old clothes

A tatty old bra and some pants
Yes someone outbid me on those
A glass case filled with some ants
And old ballet shoes with no toes

Lady luck was not on my side
My money I just could not fritter
Until I won this great prize:
A signed photo of - Gary Glitter!

copyright Victoria George

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eBay seems to be a great inspiration for you so maybe I should check it out and see what I come up with while I look on eBay, I bet I bid on something I don't really want.
are you that fascinated by eBay? ? ...because most of your poems seem to have it!